Various locations in and outside Bucharest. Real settings and diverse natural scenes, but also specialised stage settings.

Costumes and properties according to screenplay requests, including custom made.
Casting. Experienced actors. Proffesional stunt men, tested within international productions.

Specalised personnel for all production areas: movie, TV, advertising.

Various transportation means. International airport. Catering including international cuisins. Reservations for five star hotels.
Paradox film means first of all our ability to rapidly develop any kind of production, be it a movie, video, advertising or television, running always in time and budget.

Paradox Film Services
Paradox Film can engage in a full production of a movie, TV show or advertising material.

Paradox Film ownes a non-linear professional AVID editing group, sound cabin for voice recording, personnel and equipment for direct and postsincron priza, apparels and machines for film making and ilumination for 35mm, super 16, Dvcam, along with specialised personnel.

Paradox film can provide film making equipment:
  • Ariflex 35mm BL-4 machine including anexe, objectives and specialised personnel.
  • Moviecam 45mm, including anexe and specialised personnel
  • Super 16 AATON XTR PROD machine, standard speed 24/24 frames/second including anexe and specialised personnel.
  • DV Cam Sony DSR 570, including anexe and specialised personnel.
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