Dincolo de America
Screenplay: Eugen Serbanescu
Director: Marius Th. Barna
Executiv producer: Alexandru Iclozan
Starring: Daniela Nane,Serban Ionescu, Mihai Stanescu, Valentin Teodosiu, Dorel Visan, Maria Dinulescu
Who is Paradox Film?
A company employing proffesionals with a rich background in film making, advertising, television, music videos, radio. You will find here artists with prisez in international festivals like: Montreal, Edingburgh, Sankt-Petersburg, New-York, Los Angeles, Berlin.

Our experience?
Full and short length movies in (Happy End, Nevroze Nocturne, etc). Successful TV productions (Profesii, cariere, Istoria petrolului in Romania). Commercials for: UTI, AFCN, Connex, Rentrop & Straton, TNT, MCC.

Viata Mea Sexualal